Regen, wind of mist, Velsen vist!

How nice that you have become a member of fishing club!

Fishing club “Hengelsportvereniging Velsen” welcomes you as a new member of our fishing club. In this e-mail we inform you about our club and what we do.

Taking and or killing fish:

In our fishing waters it is forbidden to kill and take fish. This is checked by the police and if you have dead fish with you, you will be fined and your fishing license will be taken. An exception to this rule is the taking of baitfish for predatory fish.

Rules for catching baitfish


It is very important to us that you share your catches with us. We use this for research into fish stocks. We will never publish details about your catch. We do publish the photo of your catch (if you upload it) unless  you indicate on the form that you do not want it. You can submit your photo via our form on the website

About Fishing Club Velsen:

Fishing club Velsen was founded on 7 October 1950 and currently has about 1100 members.

We are affiliated with Sportvisserij Nederland and are involved in the waters and fish stocks in Velsen, the release of fish, transfer of fish, Calamities such as fish mortality and maintain contact with the municipality of Velsen about maintenance of the fishing waters such as dredging activities.

The waters under our management are:

What does Hengelsportvereniging Velsen actually do?:

If you want to fish in the Netherlands, you become a member of a local angling club. The angling clubs are the basis of Sportvisserij Nederland.

Fishing club Velsen represents your interests as a sport fisherman in Velsen. We are in contact with the municipality, Water Boards and Sportvisserij MidWest Nederland.

What is important to you as a angler? That you can fish well and that you can access the fishing water well and that there is a good fish stock. Fishing club Velsen represents these interests and is committed to allowing our members to enjoy their hobby to the fullest. This is done by the board and committee members of Hengelsportvereniging Velsen.

General Members’ Meeting:

We will inform you when our annual members’ meeting takes place. The members’ meeting is the perfect moment for you as a member to talk and think about certain topics.  You can vote on topics and actions and decisions. We also discuss what has happened in the past year and what the new plans and developments are. It is of course also very nice to get to know each other during this meeting. We also have meetings with Sportvisserij MidWest Nederland in which we represent the interests of our members and association. So we can also include topics for this.


Through our website and our facebook we keep you informed of all kinds of sport fishing news. This can be association news or other news that we find important to you.

2x to 4x a year we send our newsletter by e-mail. Here we put information about events of the past period but also what is still on the agenda such as meetings or actions etc.

Respect for people, animals and nature:

As a sport fisherman you naturally have respect for people, animals and nature. If you are a member of Fishing Club Velsen, you keep your fishing spot clean and take your waste home. A handy tip here is to take a garbage bag with you while fishing. We treat the animals with respect and care. We take fish with wet hands and treat them with the utmost care and use an unhooking mat. Of course you can always take a photo, but we put the fish back in its own water as soon as possible. Do you see an animal in need? If it concerns fishing you can call our emergency numbers (see topic calamities below) and for other animals you call the animal ambulance Velsen on number: 0255-533 239

Lead-free fishing:

Fishing club Velsen supports the ‘Green Deal Sport fishing’. This agreement between various ministries, water boards, Natuurmonumenten, Divebo and Sportvisserij Nederland aims to completely phase out the use of lead in sport fishing. Lead is often used by anglers as casting weight and – due to loss – sometimes ends up in the water. Lead is toxic to humans and animals. In many places in society, therefore, the use of lead has already been reduced or banned. Think of gasoline, paint, water pipes and in hunting. More information can be found on our website, click here.


Should you see calamities during your fishing session or other things that are incorrect and suspicious? Then report this!

You can use the following numbers (also available on our website)

  • BOA: 0251-318882 or after office hours 0900-0388 OR Police Velsen: 0900-8844
  • L. Noordzij Hsvvelsen: 06-42165381 (call for fish in Need or dead fish)
  • C. Johansen Hsvvelsen: 06-16275931 (call for fish in Distress or dead fish)

Direct debit?

Have you given a direct debit? Then you will automatically receive your new fishing pass every year. If the amount is reversed by you, the fishing pass will not be sent and you will have to become a member again. Have you not issued a direct debit? Then you need to become a member again in the next year that you want to go fishing. This is possible from mid-November / December for the new year.

You can still issue a direct debit via our website via this form:


If you decide to cancel your fishing pass and your membership, this must  be done before October 1  , otherwise your membership will be extended by 1 year.

Once again, we warmly welcome you to our fishing club and wish you a lot of fishing pleasure and good catch!

On behalf of

  • Chairman: Bob van der Woude
  • Secretariat: Mark and Petra Kossen
  • Treasurer: Frank Goemans
  • Commissioner activities: Leen Noordzij
  • Commissioner of Activities: Chris Johansen